Slackware Live Beta 2 + MATE Version

Eric Hameleers have published his Beta 2 of his Project X - Slackware Live edition. On this release, some new options have been added after getting feedback from many users and based on his personal TODO list.

One interesting comment was asking whether there will be MATE/Cinnamon based Slackware Live. Eric pinged me via IRC last night and we decided to try to make MATE version of Slackware Live. I also used this chance to rebuilt all MATE packages after that big batch of update, including latest MATE 1.12.1 updates that were released yesterday.

I quickly create a new VM based on latest -current update and soon after that, build all MATE packages from scratch so that it's fresh from the VM. Last part is uploading the binary packages. While Eric built the ISO from 64 bit packages, i started the build for 32 bit and in the end, i have all 32/64 bit packages updated in the repository provided by Darren Austin this morning.

If you happened to use previous packages, please use upgradepkg --reinstall --install-new to make sure everything is reinstalled since it's rebuilt against latest slackware-current update. Some packages were removed as well, so it might be best to look for the commits in the github.

Even better news, i created another new VM this morning to test the new Cinnamon packages for Slackware Current. I don't know whether it can be included for Slackware Live or not, since it uses PAM even though it only installed just to satisfy all deps required by cinnamon. It's building cinnamon 2.8 at the moment and if nothing goes wrong, it should be ready when i got home later today.

Please enjoy MSB version of Slackware Live and again, big thanks to Eric Hameleers for his great work on Slackware Live Project.

You can download the ISOs here:

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