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SBo Submission for 14.1 Packages Is Now Open

As always, SBo submission is closed when new Slackware release is getting close and it stayed closed for few weeks or months to give the SBo admins to test all packages to comply with the latest Slackware release.

On Slackware 14.1, there was 3 weeks difference between Slackware 14.1 release and 14.1 repository in SBo is announced. Even after the repository is announced, the submission remains closed for some time, giving more chance to fix minor problems.

Good news is that submission for Slackware 14.1 packages is now open and maintainers can update their packages or submit new SlackBuild script to the project.

Don't forget to check the Template Guidelines before submitting.

SBo Repository for 14.1 is now LIVE!!

After almost two months of testing, building, compiling, patching, and committing, the SBo team has finally pushed the final update for 14.1 repository and since this morning, the master branch has been branched for 14.1 and tagged. That means the base branch for 14.1 is finalized.

Just now, Heinz has just pushed the final step to make the SBo website provide packages for Slackware 14.1. This means that repository for 14.0 will get less or probably never gets updated anymore since the focus will be for 14.1 branch.

Anyway, the submission will not be open (yet) for now. You will have wait for that one and let people enjoy packages for Slackware 14.1 before maintainer can submit their updated package for next update.

This doesn't mean that we ignored bugs in our repository. Suppose you found any bug for any packages for 14.1 repository, let us know via slackbuilds-users mailing list and we will gladly accept it for the next update.

Thank you for all hard work from all admins and con…

Looking for Long Term Package Maintainer

The admins in SBo have finally cleared away all the CHECKLIST entries and most big changes have been applied to master branch which soon will be branched to 14.1 and that will be used as a base for Slackware 14.1 repository. We can't do this alone. It's all due to big contributions from users in slackbuilds-users mailing list. We thank you for that contributions.
There are some minor problem left and that is non working or abandoned packages by their maintainer which is now residing on to-be-removed branch in GIT. Please have a look and if you see something that you might be interested to maintain and able to provide a patch to make it working, please let us know and we might move it from that branch. If the package is abandoned by the maintainer (you can see from the GIT commit message) and you are willing to maintain it (and hopely using it daily) for long term, please let us know as well.
If we don't hear from you soon, then we will merge that changes to master, which bas…

First Update for Slackware 14.1

Pat has just published several updates to Slackware 13.37 and newer to fix several packages:
OpenSSH: sshd(8): Fix a memory corruption problem triggered during rekeying when an AES-GCM cipher is selected.Firefox and Seamonkey: Regular Security UpdatesSamba: This fixed two problems:Samba versions 3.2.0 and above do not check the underlying file or directory ACL when opening an alternate data stream.In setups which provide ldap(s) and/or https services, the private key for SSL/TLS encryption might be world readable.  This typically happens in active directory domain controller setups.This update also add tdb-related file which was missing from Samba SlackBuild that is needed by some packages in SBoPHP: Updated to 5.4.22, the latest stable update to provide bug fixes

Progress on SBo Repo for Slackware 14.1

It's been a while since my last post about SBo repository for Slackware 14.1 and since then, there has been so many reports of working SlackBuild script as well as updated SlackBuild in forms of GIT patches or even a full tarball sent to slackbuilds-user mailing list, which is a good sign for us. That really helped us clearing the CHECKLIST.

Good news is that at the moment, we have squashed like 1000 packages from the CHECKLIST and about fixing 20-30 packages daily. We are keeping this pace on a daily interval and sometimes more on weekend since we have to do our daily work and activities as well. You will see that Robby merge them to master more frequently than ever so that those who helped us can get the latest update as soon as possible and further do more thorough testing on git master.

The bad news is that we do still have like 1530 packages (per 15 November 2013, 1:08 PM, GMT+7) to be checked and for that to be cleared away, we DO need help, especially for the maintainer to …

Fixing VMWare Tool Broken Script

If you are using the latest VMWare Workstation and you happened to install any Slackware releases (I'm using Slackware 14.1) as a guest OS on VMWare Workstation, you will likely encountered one minor issue as shown in the picture below

This happened because one of the VMWare script is broken and this relates to networking features. You will often rejected when you wanted to connect to your guest from your host OS via SSH. It seems that the guest OS SSH keys are changing all the time and you will get a MITM warning message.

The solution is simple. Boot your guest OS, change directory (cd) to /etc/vmware-tools/scripts/vmware/ and rename (or delete) the network file on this directory. Next, delete /var/run/ and restart your guest OS. This will remove the error message above :)

Credit goes to jtsn from LQ for giving this simple solution.

SBo Repo for Slackware 14.1

You may have noticed that Slackware 14.1 have been released few days ago by Patrick Volkerding. It's another great release after roughly 14 months of development with a Beta and 3 RC releases. Many people will actually love this version, mostly when they have a new system that utilize UEFI on it, as Slackware has fully support of this, except for Secure Boot, which will be baked on the next development cycle.

Usually, when Slackware gets a new release, SBo project follows soon by providing repo for the current Slackware release, but unfortunately, that will not be the case for now. The admins and the maintainer are still testing all the remaining scripts so that they are compilable, buildable, and running fine on Slackware 14.1 machines. This is not an easy efforts, as they have to test all scripts, including new dependencies, incompatible versions, broken source, unmaintained upstream source, and many other problems.
Asking on when will the repo ready will definitely not help muc…

Slackware 14.1 Released

After 14 months of development period, Patrick Volkerding has finally released Slackware 14.1 final version to public. The tree has not been updated since few days ago and the last addition was only the config files for newer Linux Kernel 3.12 for those who wanted to play with.

It's a long journey to get 14.1 polished and ready for public consumtion. Many new features has been added, but i guess the biggest one is the support for system running in UEFI firmware (only in x86_64 version only). Patrick has been working for this support for few months back with some help from people who tested the new installer and new packages (elilo, grub 2, efibootmanager). It's not the end of the journey, since it still hasn't support a Secure Boot feature and that will be the plan for the next Slackware release.

Congratulations to Patrick Volkerding on this big and great release. Please consider to support Slackware Linux Project by donating or puchasing items in Slackware Store. This rel…

KDE 4.11.3 for Slackware Users

It has passed a month since the last KDE release, and it's time for a monthly maintenance release to show up, KDE 4.11.3. This update brings more than 120 bug fixes across all modules, mostly in umbrello, KWin, Dolphin, and Kontact.

Eric Hameleers has generously build this version for Slackware Users (-Current only) and upload it on his KTown repository which is mirrored to several sites: URI: rsync:// Please note that Eric has left some note:
The new Plasma Network Management applet which I added to the previous KDE 4.11.2 set, has been seriously reworked by its developers, and the updated version I have as part of the new KDE 4.11.3 needs a bit of manual work if you are currently using that first version. After upgrade, you will notice that the…

LibreOffice 4.1.3 for Slackware Users

LibreOffice has announced the availability of LibreOffice 4.1.3 yesterday, marking the fourth minor release of 4.1 family that is supposed to bring bug fixes and also translations updates to LibreOffice packages. They have released two RC versions (RC 1 and RC 2) before reaching the final version.

As usual, Eric Hameleers provides the Slackware packages for LibreOffice on his repository and announced it on his blog. He has stated this on the title of his blog post, but i will state it again: This package is intended for Slackware 14.0 and -Current (including the future 14.1 release).

Please note as well a change in how dictionary packages are now split into several packages, no longer included in the main libreoffice package. You will need to upgrade them as well. Don't forget to restart your application to take effect.

Get them while it's hot now on some mirrors below (some mirrors might need some time to get the latest version):…

More Upgrade to Come

Even though it's already at the last minute, Pat is still taking some considerations to upgrade some of the packages he deemed quite stable to be included in Slackware 14.1. He also retested the image installer and fix some problems with a flash of screen output when scanning for LVM volumes after completing the package installations.

Here are the recap:
dc3dd is now upgraded to 7.1.614kdevelop is now upgraded to 4.5.2kdevelop-php{-doc} is now upgraded to 1.5.2kdevplatform is now upgraded to 1.5.2lskat is rebuilt to fix a typo in slack-descgnutls is upgraded to 3.1.6 to fix off-by-one in dane_query_tlsa()network-script is rebuilt to fix a typo in netconfig