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Requested Packages Rolled Out

Pat has started to rolled out several packages that were requested on LQ, such as MariaDB-5.5.31, MC-4.8.8, Python-2.7.5 (to fix the false negative from several antivirus), and Samba-4.0.6.

There are no libraries update at this moment, but i do believe they will get a lot of updates in the next batch (or several next batches) and that would require quite a lot of recompiling packages, so just be patient with it.

Changes in Slackpkg Default Option

There were two batch of updates that i didn't talk about on this blog because they were too small, but i will highlight them now.

Pat is changing the default option in slackpkg to enable DOWNLOAD_ALL parameter so that slackpkg will download all of the packages before upgrading them. This should fix problems where some applications are upgraded, while their new requirements hasn't been installed. This has happened before with wget package which requires new requirements. In the normal operations, slackpkg will download the packages one by one and install/upgrade them sequentially.

Update to fontconfig should fixed some problem reported on LQ and so does rebuilding xfce4-session with a new parameter to disable systemd since Slackware doesn't use them. Slacktrack is also upgraded to the latest update.

There were also some update on more packages in the previous batch of update consisting of gawk, gdb, gmp, and nettle.

More glibc crypt() fixes

Ever since glibc has introduced a new crypt() functions, some applications were broken and this batch of update should fix more packages, thanks to Mancha who has been helping out by testing and adding patches to work on this issues.

At long last, file is now upgraded to 5.14. This is the second attempt on upgrading file package as previous attempt broke other packages as well. Hopefully this time works as intended.

wqy-zenhei-font-ttf font is downgraded due to problems found and no exact solution for this. Let's just hope for upstream heard about this and fixed this problem. For now, downgrading is the best solution so far.

Security Updates: kernel

It's been a long time since Slackware released a security update for kernel packages, but since this update is critical (CVE-2013-2094, a bug that can allow local users to gain a root shell), Pat decided to take actions against it. He has released a new kernel packages available for both Slackware 13.37 and 14.0. Please note that Slackware-Current users are not vulnerable as this patches has been included in Linux Kernel 3.8.11 and we are using Linux Kernel 3.8.13.

Interesting updates comes in -Current as this batch upgraded a lot of things. Here are the highlights:
Upgraded GTK+ and all related libraries to the latest version Upgraded GNOME related libraries to 3.8.xaaa_elflibs is upgraded to 14.1 (confirms our next release is 14.1)hplip is upgraded to 3.13.5Removed kajong as it requires some new dependenciesUpgraded pcre to 8.32 (this requires a lot of rebuilt of packages)Slacktrack is upgraded to 2.14Upgraded XFCE related applications to 4.10.1Upgraded more X related packages an…

Security Update: Ruby

Another security update has been released and this time, Ruby package is update to the latest patch 429 to fix a security issue in DL and Fiddle included in Ruby where tainted strings can be used by system calls regardless of the $SAFE level setting. More detailed information can be seen here

Amarok 2.7.1 Released

Amarok is now upgraded to 2.7.1 after the developer has found an unpleasant bug between QtWebkit ↔ GStreamer interaction that made continuous playing almost impossible, due to frequent crashing. There were only 8 commits from the previous 2.7.0 and here are the highlights of this bugfix version:
A modification in handling MusicBrainz ID tags was needed to avoid problems with falsely duplicate tracks.We fixed a weird behaviour when the "Use Music Location?" question is answered "Yes" on the first run.We now have worked around the QtWebkit ↔ GStreamer bug that caused frequent crashes on track start; this happened if the Wikipedia applet tried to load a page containing an audio tag.The database is now also created if the home directory contains non-ASCII characters.The Nepomuk Collection now also shows track numbers.

Security Update: Firefox and Seamonkey

Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird are now upgraded to the latest stable version after they were released yesterday by Mozilla. Firefox is now at 21 which includes several new features which can be seen at their release notes.

Rexima is now joining aumix in the pasture/ directory since it's no longer works with ALSA (only with compatibility module which turns to be disabled by default).

kdelibs is patched to fix crashing when quitting KDE and some apps. Mozilla nss is upgraded to 3.14.3, while mesa is rebuilt using GCC instead of clang.

EFL 1.7.7 and Enlightenment 0.17.3 on SlackHacks

I have pushed updates for EFL 1.7.7 and Enlightenment 0.17.3 which was released few days ago in the developer mailing list onto my SlackHacks repository. Everything works fine here, so i guess it would be safe to upgrade to this version.

I have also upgraded connman to 0.14 and also switched econnman to git version. One note about econnman package is that this package is linked to icu4c-49 library, while Slackware-Current already moved to icu4c-51. So i added an ugly hack to create a symlink to make it work. Let me know if you have a better idea.

Enjoy Enlightenment 0.17.3 and EFL 1.7.7 and please report any problems using my SlackBuilds :)

tcl and samba upgraded

Patrick removed two packages from the main tree: aumix (moved to pasture since only works with OSS or with ALSA compatibility modules, which is disabled by default) and quanta (no longer build with newer version of kdevplatform).

Meanwhile tcl and tin was upgraded to the latest version after being requested on LQ. The same goes with Samba which is now at 4.0.5, taking a big jump from 3.6.8 and ccache with 3.1.9.

Due to this changes, several other packages will need to be rebuilt such as Python, Ruby, pil, pidgin, xchat, expect, hfsutil, and tix.

Kernel Updated to 3.8.13

Patrick is updating the default kernel stock in Slackware-Current to the latest and last stable kernel update for 3.8.x branch as Greg has stated that Linux Kernel 3.8.x is now EOL'ed unless someone is willing to take this branch into a longterm kernel.

Config files for previous long term stable kernel (3.4.45) is also provided in testing along with the latest stable kernel for 3.9.x branch (3.9.2). Users who prefer to use other kernel version rather than 3.8.x can use the config files to build their own kernel package.

Current State of VMWare Workstation and Player

I have mentioned before that you should avoid upgrading to Linux Kernel 3.9 and GCC 4.8.0 if you are using any VMWare products (Workstation or Player) since this combination may break the modules recompilation.

There are 'safe' combination if you want to VMWare Workstation/Player:
Linux Kernel 3.8.x and GCC 4.8.xLinux Kernel 3.9.x and GCC 4.7.x Since Patrick decided to stick with the first option, i'm fully agree with this option, since it fits with the first option and VMWare Workstation/Player should work on next Slackware release out-of-the-box. No patches needed!! Simply the ideal condition for any users out there :)

Update 1: Luigi Trovato has mentioned that he has successfully built VMWare Workstation 9.0.2 on Linux Kernel 3.9.2 with GCC 4.8.0 and it worked. I'm currently downloading Linux Kernel 3.9.2 and will compile it to try it out. I was using Linux Kernel 3.9.0 and didn't try other version.

Update 2: I have successfully compiled Linux Kernel 3.9.2 and i ca…

LibreOffice 4.0.3 for Slackware Users

Eric Hameleers has built the latest LibreOffice 4.0.3 for Slackware users. The package is built for Slackware 14.0, but they are usable for Slackware-Current users as well. For those who are still running Slackware 13.37, you should stick with the 3.6.6 release or upgrade to Slackware 14.0 to enjoy the current version of LibreOffice.

He has also managed to provide updates for steam client and several other packages in his repository. Check the ChangeLog for more information about updated packages.

KDE 4.10.3 on Slackware-Current

Patrick Volkerding has just pushed KDE 4.10.3 for Slackware-Current. Usually Eric did the push on his KTown, but since KDE 4.10.x has been included in Slackware-Current, Pat took the responsibility of building the packages, while Eric may provide updates for Slackware 14.0 users.

Besides KDE 4.10.3, several packages gets rebuilt to add patches such as alsa-lib, clucene, and ncurses.

Enjoy KDE 4.10.3 on Slackware-Current :)

Kernel Upgraded to 3.8.11

The latest stable kernel 3.8.11 has just landed on Slackware-Current along with timezone database update, thus a rebuilt for glibc is needed. Although Linux Kernel 3.9 has been released, Linux Kernel 3.8.x branch is not yet abandoned by Greg and it will be used on the next Slackware release if nothing breaks during development.

The only package outside kernel and glibc is gnuchess which is now at 6.0.3

New ALSA version

Changes in -Current are pretty small lately and here's another batch of update which is coming out today:
- alsa-lib and alsa-utils are upgraded to 1.0.27
- mesa is now upgraded to 9.1.2 to bring bug fixes
- gnuplot is upgraded to 4.6.3 as requested in LQ
- imagemagick is upgraded to 6.8.5_4
- xmms is rebuilt to use ALSA instead of OSS

VMWare Workstation, Linux Kernel 3.9 and GCC 4.8.0

I have upgraded to Linux Kernel 3.9 since it was released few days ago and so far it was working nicely here. The only reason why i didn't post anything about this update is because VMWare Workstation is not working anymore after the upgrade.

Let me be clear about the situation. The problem is not due to Linux Kernel 3.9, but more to GCC 4.8 which is now included in Slackware-Current. Linux Kernel 3.9 ships more VMWare components (vmci and vmsockets) into the main tree, so VMWare products should be more compatible on Linux platform, but since GCC has became more strict, some problems arises and i still don't have any solution for this problem as for now. I have been searching for clues and patches, but no luck. Probably not so many people uses VMWare Workstation and GCC 4.8.0 combination.

Linux Kernel 3.9 works nicely with NVidia driver (both legacy and current version), so if you don't use VMWare products and only use NVidia GPU, you are safe to upgrade to this version.