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SSHblock Updated

I checked my servers today and i found no IP address gets blocked by SSHblock even though i think there were some IP addresses that should have been blocked.

After taking a closer look on the configuration files, i finally spotted the problem. It seems that i put a wrong log file to watch in the rc.sshblock script. I change it to the correct log file (/var/log/messages) and it finally works as intended.

I have re-submitted the SlackBuild package to SBo and also pushed the single change to my SlackHacks repository. I didn't bump the BUILD variable, so you just need to adjust the path according to this git commit and it will work.

Swatch and SSHblock SlackBuilds on SlackHacks

After conducting more thorough testing on the SlackBuilds for swatch and SSHblock this morning, finally i pushed those two packages on my SlackHacks repository as well as to SBo project.

Since this is my first time building packages that utilizes Perl modules, i hope i did it correctly. Well, at least it didn't break my system during my own testing on my desktop. Anyway, i would like to give some tips prior building those two packages.

1. Upgrade your CPAN modules to the latest version. This could take some time to complete and not all of them can be upgraded as some of the modules requires a development version of Perl. You can ignore those packages. You can do this by performing this commands on your terminal (as root user):
perl -MCPAN -e shellupgrade  2. Swatch requires 3 PERL modules, and you have two options: 1) install using CPAN or 2) install using SlackBuilds. Two out of three modules are already available on SlackBuilds, and the last one was submitted before i submitted s…

Installing SSHblock

This morning, i tried to set up SSHblock which can be used to block users who are abusing the SSH protocol and tried to brute force and gained access to the server.

It's really simple to configure SSHblock since the installation script has done it for you and all you have to do is read the instructions and or warning that came out and fix that and re-run the script again. Even though the script couldn't find the path used in Slackware, but it seems that it will finally place the rc scripts to /etc/rc.d/, which is the correct place in Slackware. That's awesome.

Since it's a PERL scripts, it requires other CPAN modules. SSHblock originally only requires SWATCH to be installed, but SWATCH itself requires 3 modules to be installed:
Date::CalcDate::ManipFile::TailDon't forget to install iptables as well since it will be used to block the IP addresses who tried to enter our server.

You can start the SSHblock service by adding execute permission on /etc/rc.d/rc.sshblock an…

FileZilla Released

Tim Kosse has released a minor update to FileZilla to fix some problems with their first major release, 3.6.0 and also to improve some performance.

Based on their ChangeLog:
- Fix problems with TLS cipher selection, including a bugfix for GnuTLS
- Fix a crash on shutdown
- Add log message for servers not using UTF-8
- Small performance and memory optimizations getting file types
- Improve formatting of transfer speeds

Hopefully, this version fixed some problem some people experienced when they are using other FTP client, such as pureftp and proftpd that was compiled with an older version of GnuTLS.

I have updated my SlackBuild in SlackHacks and i have re-submit this update to SBo, but it will take some time before they will be approved by the admins, so for now, you can use the same SlackBuild from my SlackHacks

VMWare Workstation 9.0.1 and Linux Kernel 3.7

We might have another good news for those who works with VMWare Workstation or VMWare Player. I found another person, Robert Gadsdon who are testing VMWare Workstation on newer Linux Kernel.

He mentioned that VMWare Workstation 9.0.1 is working with Linux Kernel 3.7-rc without needing any new patches, BUT there's still some problems: standard VMware (re)compile/install script vmware-modconfig still doesn’t find the ‘relocated’ version.h in the 3.7 series kernels. He also posted the solution to this problem by creating a symlink from the old location:

ln -s /usr/src/linux-3.7-rc6/include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h \ /usr/src/linux-3.7-rc6/include/linux/version.h

When Linux Kernel 3.7 gets released, you only need to change the path to reflect your real path in your own system.

This should be a good news to all Linux users who also VMWare users.

SBo Now Receiving Submissions Again

After resting for some time, finally the admins in SBo are ready to accept submissions again for Slackware 14.0 packages. I just noticed this when browsing LQ forum. Apparently, there are no notification in the mailing list or even in the web. They silently opened up the submission.

Anyway, i have submitted some of my packages that needs to be updated for Slackware 14.0. I also add some one new package that relates to one of my maintained package. The list is growing big and if they are not processed quickly, they will be tons of packages waiting in the queue line.

FileZilla 3.6.0 Released

FileZilla, a free, Open Source FTP Client (and Server) application has just released FileZilla 3.6.0. It's been some time since FileZilla released a new version, so it's a worthy update.

Here are the new features found on 3.6.0:
Auto-scroll file lists if dragging an item near the top or bottom Add option to create empty files to the remote file list context menu Support legacy servers sending directory listings in EBCDIC Added Tango icon set First-time users now get prompted whether they want to save passwords when first using the quickconnect bar Greatly improve TLS performance by updating to GnuTLS 3.1.x with Nettle backend  Here are some bug fixes and minor changes found on 3.6.0:
FTP proxies now work with IPv6 addresses as proxy address Handle expired TLS sessions when trying to reuse a session TLS session reusing no longer fails with newer GnuTLS versions due to changed semantics of gnutls_session_get_data Directory listings no longer sporadically fail if two connections tr…

VMWare Workstation 9.0.1 and Linux Kernel 3.6

VMWare Workstation 9.0.1 along with VMWare Player 5.0.1 has been released by VMWare. This is a maintenance release, focusing on fixing bugs that has been found since their first major release of VMWare Workstation 9.0.0 some time ago. On this release, Ubuntu 12.10 and Solaris 11 has been added as host and guest (only guest for Solaris). For complete changes, please refer to their Release Notes.

I was kinda reluctant to test this version as previous version was a disaster and it failed completely on my machine, so i tried to stay away from VMWare Workstation 9 until VMWare updated their product. But then i looked at the release note and found out that they fixed the problem with Linux Kernel 3.5 and i was hoping for good news.

First, i tested on my workstation and surprisingly, i found it smoother than i thought. I don't need to find any patches in order to have this product work with Linux Kernel 3.6 (I'm using Linux Kernel 3.6.6). After confirming it to work on my workstation…

KDE 4.9.3 Released

KDE has released a monthly update KDE 4.9.3 which focused on bug fixing and translations updates. The list of bug fixed is quite big, 86 and several key components that gets the most update are Kate editor and Kontact email and groupware client. For detailed information about those bug fixes, please head on to their bug tracker.

Eric Hameleers has published his work on KDE 4.9.3 on his KTown and it's also available on several mirror sites below: URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// Enjoy KDE 4.9.3 :)

LibreOffice 3.6.3 Package for Slackware

LibreOffice 3.6.3 has been released and it's another maintenance release that focused on stability and bug fixing only. In fact, they fixed a lot of bugs on this release.

Eric Hameleers has build this package for Slackware 13.37 (and it works for Slackware 14.0 as well) and upload it on his repository which is already mirrored on several sites below: There's a bug report on Eric's blog about a minor problem that was found during LibreOffice 3.6.2 and i can confirm this bug which is you can't open more than one file at the same time in the File Open dialog. If you select more than one file, it won't open any files at all. The temporary solution is to open the files one by one. This is a minor problem though.

Slackware Mayan Tee Shirt Arrived

On October, me and some fellow of Indonesian Slackware Community decided to help Slackware Linux Project by buying some items from Slackware Store and we decided to buy the new Mayan Tee Shirt. In total, there were 15 people who joined since i limit the number of buyers. I was afraid that my credit card limit wasn't sufficient to pay too much items.

Few days ago, the package has arrived in the custom and the officer called me about this package and i have to pay tax for this package. I paid the tax as of this morning and finally i got the package on my hand today. The items are already being re-packaged to be delivered to the buyers around Indonesia next Monday.

Thanks to the Indonesian Slackware Community who have generously participating on this event and big thanks to Theresa and Toni from Slackware Store for helping me get this order processed smoothly. I'm sorry for those who couldn't join this event this time. Maybe you can ask for other member to be the coordinator …