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Many Packages Removed in SlackHacks

I just pushed an update to my SlackHacks to remove packages that are already available in SBo's GIT master branch which is compatible with Slackware 14.0 so that there are no redundancy between those two repositories. SBo GIT repository now has 14.0 branch, which means that it will reopened again for submission and i think it's time to do some cleanup on my repository first.

Some packages are still preserved in SlackHacks. They are packages that are not yet included in SBo or packages that are newer compared to packages available in Slackware tree or SBo repository or perhaps packages that have same version that are in SBo but with different options to build it (eg: wxGTK).

Slackware 14.0 ISO Ready

To help Slackware users in Indonesia, i have downloaded all Slackware 14.0 ISOs (CD/DVD, x86 and x86_64) and place them on UKDW ISO Server. You can use it to download the latest release of Slackware 14.0.

Please mind that on Sunday morning until evening, the server will be bandwidth-capped because it will be used for educational activities, so if you want to download using this server, please download it today or wait until Sunday night.

Have fun with Slackware 14.0 and don't forget to purchase or donate to Slackware Linux Project by visiting Slackware Store

Slackware 14.0 Released

After spending more than one year of development, finally Slackware 14.0 is announced by Patrick Volkerding. It took some time to finish this masterpiece (there are five RC releases for this version) since Patrick wanted to make sure everything works from ground up. The result is a perfect, solid, stable, secure, but still maintained a simple philosophy of Slackware that has been used since early releases.

Slackware 14.0 contains big changes compared to Slackware 13.37, such as:
Linux Kernel 3.2.29, a long-term stable kernel that are now maintained by Ben Hutchings.Glibc 2.15 which are solid and well-tested library that is compatible to all binaries included in Slackware 14.0GCC 4.7.1 compiler that comes with all the flavors you all love, C/C++, Fortran, Ada, Obj C, Java, and Go.Modular XOrg X11R7.7 which is recently releasedSupport for NetworkManager to ease user's job to configure wired/wireless configuration with wicd still available on extra/ directory for those who wanted to u…

Changes in SlackHacks

I have made some changes in SlackHacks in the last few days and here what has been updated since :
Calibre upgraded to 0.8.70 and some minor fixes to build scriptGStreamer-1.0 and all of it's plugins are added (look for gstreamer-1.0 directory)GTK+2 upgraded to 2.24.13libtiff upgraded to 4.0.3QtGStreamer added as future requirement to build digiKam 3.0Added two scripts for my own work in used to check what packages i maintained in SBo project. You can use it for your own packages. Just change the name of the Maintainer used to see what other packages depends on a package in SBo project The CheckList in SBo are now trimmed to several couple of packages and as promised, i will start removing my packages that has been integrated to SBo when a branch for Slackware 14.0 in SBo has been released which should be soon enough. I will push another update again when new version has come up and SBo hasn't got it yet.

More X test driver packages in testing

Pat has released several minor updates to 14.0 development tree along with some new X test driver packages in testing/ directory. Since the final release is getting closer, Pat is so picky about packages that should be included. He wanted to make sure that every new packages are only serve to bring bug fixes, not regressions.

Here's the latest changes in 14.0:
e2fsprogs upgraded to 1.42.6 (bugfix release)sysvinit-scripts rebuilt to add more condition test for wicdgamin rebuilt to fix deadlock and library finding issuesmozilla-nss rebuilt to add libcrmf.a library in order to compile xulrunnernew packages in testing being added: latest xf86-video-ati and xf86-video-intel. This requires newer libdrm in testing/ to be installed as wellKernel configs has been updated. CONFIG_GFS2_FS from y->m

Two Last Minute Packages

There are two last minute packages that are added by Patrick after a request by Didier on LQ. They are libdrm and xf86-video-nouveau. This packages can be used for those who need these packages instead of the default Slackware package which is older, but still not out of date.

Slackware 14.0 RC 5 Announced

After few days without any update, finally more updates coming in -Current and this time, Pat announced Slackware 14.0 RC 5 instead of going with final version. He thinks that there are some changes need to be tested, including the new kernel.

What has been changed on this release?
Linux Kernel 3.2.29GLIBC upgraded to tzdata 2012fPatch rebuilt to add upstream patchGit, Slacktrack, Samba, SVN, and VSFTPD upgraded to the latest bugfix releasesMore kernel configs in testing/ directory, including 3.4.11, 3.5.4, and 3.6-RC4

Script to check maintained packages in SlackBuilds

I maintained several packages in SlackBuilds project, but sometimes i forgot which packages that i maintained because perhaps i might no longer use it or the application hasn't got any upstream update for some time.

So, i created a simple bash script to see what packages does someone maintain in SlackBuilds project. I have pushed this script into my SlackHacks just in case someone is interested to use this (perhaps one of the maintainer in SlackBuilds project). All you need to do is change the SBOPATH and MAINTAINER to set it to the correct path and name of the maintainer. Give it execute permission (chmod +x) and run the script.

Suggestion are welcome and please send it to the email address listed in the script or via comment on this post.

Update (20 September 2012): Thanks to Benjamin, the script is now blazingly fast and shorter, but still produce the same output that i wanted to.

Upstream Packages in SlackHacks Deleted

I have pushed an update this morning to my SlackHacks to remove upstream packages that are already being included in (soon) Slackware 14.0. The purpose of this step is to remove duplication among packages and also user confusion. I would prefer that people will use upstream packages as it's the supported packages.

In the near future, when all the changes in SlackBuilds project has been updated for the (soon) Slackware 14.0, i will intend to do the same with it. All of my packages that are also submitted to SBo with the same version will be removed from my SlackHacks as well. The reason is the same: to remove duplication and avoid confusion between my packages and SBo.

So, will my SlackHacks be empty? No, of course not. It still contains some packages i maintained outside SBo project. As packages gets updated and before SBo update it's version, i will start pushing new updates to my SlackHacks again. It will be based on -Current version of Slackware.

Security Update: dhcp

Glen Eustace of Massey University, New Zealand has reported a vulnerability in dhcp package and a new release has been deployed to fix this issue. Slackware has pushed an updated package to fix this problem and this security fix has been applied to Slackware 12.1 up to -Current.

Meanwhile, PHP package has been upgraded to 5.4.7 as well since this is a maintenance version and it fixed some bugs found on previous version.

Two Security Updates: Bind and Patch

Two security updates were released on -Current and -Stable branch today. They are BIND and Patch. BIND is upgraded to prevent crash on named when receiving a crafted record. Patch is a new major release since December 2009, but since it contains security fixes, Pat decided to take it in into Slackware 14.0.

There are several enhancement on this update as well and they are listed below:
Less is upgraded to 451Shadow is rebuilt to add scanner in default group in adduser commandsysvinit-scripts is rebuilt to run rc.udev in all runlevel againlibsoup is rebuilt to add the static file .la again

Netatalk Gets Attention

Netatalk got the attention of Patrick today as he rebuilt sysvinit-scripts and netatalk (twice) in order to provide better service handling of netatalk by using a better rc.atalk that parses the content of netatalk.conf and also to fix the install script to leaves when the package is upgraded instead of deleting it and leaving nothing but the old rc.atalk.

ca-certificates is also rebuilt to use an installer script to make sure that update-ca-certificates works on a fresh installation.

Alsa Major Upgrade

Pat decided to take new Alsa package to Slackware 14.0 and he has removed alsaconf which is no longer working with kmod. He also takes Seamonkey 2.12.1 because it's a bug fix release, the same as previous Firefox and Thunderbird.

Meanwhile, the bug fixing cycle hasn't stopped yet. More patches are being deployed on -Current, such as:
sysvinit-scripts: make sure return from runlevel 1 before restarting udevudev: do not autosuspend for some HID devices that could cause some devices become non-responsive in Linux Kernel 3.5+gdk-pixbufs2: fix output on multilib systemsscim: built with --with-gtk-version=2 to fix problems with scim-setup

New version of xine-ui, thunderbird and hplip

Three packages are now upgraded to fix several problems in several areas. Ken Zalewski reported in Facebook that his scanner failed to scan and it's fixed in the latest hplip package. Guanx reported several bug fixes in mc and bluez.

Mozilla Thunderbird is also upgraded to the latest problem and it sync with the Firefox releases. Pat also agreed to test xine-ui-0.99.6 which is not the latest stable, but it seems to be working rather than the latest version 0.99.7 that has some regression on file selection dialog.

xine-ui reverted

xine-ui package has been reverted into the previous version due to regressions, in which open file selection does not work. The xine-lib package was considered fine. That means, we are using the old xine-ui which is now five years old already. The good news is that it still works as intended with the new xine-lib package.

It's really strange, as other Linux distribution shipped the same version xine-ui, but they didn't have any problem at all with this package. In ArchLinux for example, they are built without any additional patches at all. I'm still looking for the culprit for this problem at the moment.

New Packages Added in SlackHacks: sysprof

I have pushed a new application on my SlackHacks repository and this newly package is sysprof, a statistical, system-wide performance profiler for Linux. For those who are not used with the term profiler, here's some basic definitions from Wikipedia:
A system profiler is a program that can provide detailed information about the software installed and hardware attached to a computer. What it does is it tries to scan all processes that are running in your computer and does some statistics calculation to finally show the results of your system's performance.

It has some features:
Detailed, accurate, and fast profiling of the entire Linux system, including the kernel and all userspace applicationsNo recompiling necessaryLoad and Save> profilesFast, no-nonsense graphical user interfaceCommand line tool included This application doesn't require a lot of dependency. It just requires glade, which i think has been provided in Slackware for a long time.

Here's an example of a s…

More Fixes Coming In

As Slackware 14.0 getting closer each day, no more new packages are introduced and we are now in stabilizing phase where no new feature request are taken unless it's critical and it affects the system in overall. Pat is taking change requests so tightly in the last minute just to make sure that we don't introduce too many regressions to the Slackware 14.0.

Three packages that got into -Current as of today are mc, xine-lib, and xine-ui. Slackware 14.0 might be the last release of Slackware that includes Xine, because since phonon-xine is now deprecated (replaced by phonon-gstreamer), Slackware might have no choice than to remove Xine in the next Slackware release (after Slackware 14.0). Fear not, since we already have MPlayer that is capable of doing what Xine can do and it can do more than what Xine can do. We also have alternatives, such as VLC, built by AlienBOB that does the same job.

Firefox 15.0.1 on Slackware 14.0

The last two updates doesn't seem to be enough as Pat hoped, so he rebuilt the same package, dcron and sysvinit-scripts to make sure that this time, the package works as intended. As for sysvinit-scripts, the rescan-scsi-bus is updated, thanks to bug report on LQ.

Mozilla Firefox 15.0.1 is also finding it's way to Slackware 14.0. This minor release fixed some leak data while browsing in Private Browsing.

Two Minor Fixes

There are two minor fixes that were released under Slackware 14.0 RC4 today. They are dcron which fixed the run-part script to send email only when there's an error when the scripts are running and sysvinit-scripts, where in rc.S, it removes the attempts to run cryptsetup three times in a loop. Now, it only tries once.

Be patience.... The Final version of Slackware 14.0 is pretty close at this point :)

Stay Away From VMWare Workstation 9 For Now

You heard the news that VMWare Workstation 9 has been release with it's all new features mentioned on the release notes. It has Windows 8 support, Graphics improvements, OpenGL support for the guest OS, USB 3.0 support, Nested virtualizations, Restricted virtual machines, and many other goodies that might seduce you to upgrade to this version.

Unfortunately, it also came with some known issues that most people didn't read at the bottom of the page. One of the primary issues is that it doesn't work well with Linux Kernel 3.5 because of the changes in the kernel main tree that affects how VMWare works. Some of the comments i received regarding VMWare Workstations 9 stated that it caused their system to crash.

On my system, i tried to upgrade to VMWare Workstation 9 by performing the same steps i have done previously like removing the old configuration and executables files, install it with --ignore-errors parameters, and patching it. It turns out that VMWare Workstation 9 on…

digiKam 2.9.0 Released

digiKam 2.9.0 has been released and this is the last maintenance release for 2.x branch. Next release of digiKam will be 3.x, which is now under development, thanks to Google Summer of Code 2012 students.

I have updated my SlackHacks repository with digiKam 2.9.0 SlackBuild script. Basically the SlackBuild from previous version (2.8.0) can be used to compile digiKam 2.9.0. All you need is to change the VERSION line and re-run the SlackBuild (assume you have downloaded the source).

This is the new splash screen used in digiKam 2.9.0. Very nice, isn't it?

More Adjustment Towards Slackware 14.0

There are some new changes in the Slackware-Current, but it's not that big so Pat wouldn't call for another RC. This adjustment brings some important fixes, including:
Old libraries in aaa_elflibs are now gone due to the rebuiltFix possible data loss in sort output by upgrading coreutilsFixed eject -TFixed root $path in /etc/csh.login.newFixed matching bug in grepFixed sed substitution on mkinitrdPatched type mismatch in pygobjectUpgraded gnutls to fix some important fixesSome conf files are now handled properly for netatalk packageChanges in the image to add some line in /etc/fstab The new full installation will typically use 7.3 GB of space.

KDE 4.9.1 Released

As expected, KDE 4.9.1 has been released to public and it's according to the release schedule planned by the KDE team. The announcement has been posted in the KDE website. This monthly update brings stability fixes and also translations updates onto KDE 4.9.x branch which will be maintained until December 2012.

Unfortunately, a post-release announcement was sent to the KDE-packagers mailing list saying that they have found a nasty regression on Kwin and they will fix it soon, so i guess there will be a respin of the packages later on.

You can get the KDE 4.9.1 packages from the following mirror sites: URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// URI: rsync:// Note that you have to be running Slackware-Cur…

Slackware 14.0 RC4 Announced

Pat called another round of testing due to changes and more bug fixes towards a stable Slackware 14.0 release by announcing RC4. While some may be disappointed due to delay to the release, but they must understand that Patrick has it's own standard when talking about stability and security in Slackware. He never prefer to have early release when he thinks it's not ready yet. So, please test this release and make sure all the major bugs has been resolved.

What has been changed on this release?
Emacs upgraded to 24.2MySQL upgraded to 5.5.27 Firefox and Thunderbird upgraded to 15Seamonkey upgraded to 2.12Gpa upgraded to 0.9.3OpenSSH upgraded to 6.1p1Gimp upgraded to 2.8.2 Git upgraded to 1.7.12 vim and vim-gvim upgraded to 7.3.645 A lot of fixes comes in cpio, dbus, pkgtools, slocate, keybinder, Qt, and GPAMan packages are being compressed in usb_modeswitch, powertop, and xfce4-notifydNew packages added: xf86-video-fbdev (extra) and rp-pppoe (testing)