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Slackware-Current Hidden Activities

There hasn't been any public activities in the -Current tree. The last update committed was in September 6 and since then, there has been a lot of changes happening in the open source world. Some people might ask "Why wouldn't Slackware development tree gets updated lately?"

In the past, when i first learned about Slackware and started to follow Slackware-Current tree few years ago, i had the same feeling. The main reason why i pick Slackware-Current so that i will get the most bleeding-edge system filled with the latest version of every applications that are supported in Slackware. In fact, this is not what Slackware-Current idea is all about. Slackware-Current is the place where development of the next release of Slackware is being cooked, baked, tested by many people around the world to produce another great release of Slackware when the time come.

Even though Pat has gave a warning about using -Current as your base system, i find that -Current is as stable as the -…

Kdepim Updated

For those who have a problem using KMail (included in kdepim package), which caused their email to be incorrectly deleted by KMail, a new remedy package has been released by Eric on his KTown repository. The patched package is kdepim-runtime which contains the akonadi libraries that stores the related data (your email and many other data related).

If you still use the old KDE 4.7.0, it's time to make an upgrade since this bug is introduced in KDE 4.7.0 and it will be part of the next KDE 4.7.2 monthly update, but if you are using KMail so often, probably it's better to update to the latest kdepim-runtime package as soon as possible

Minor KDE Updates

Eric has updated his KDE packages with small changes related to virtuoso that can caused a misleading encoding information in unicode pathnames. He followed this bug report and then applied this patch to fix the problem. If you used Eric's KDE 4.7.1 packages, make sure you sync with the latest update and update your packages.

Another change in KDE packages is libbluedevil. He forgot to add alien as the suffix into this package to make it different with official Slackware package. He fixed this in the latest update along with the virtuoso package.

Update (20:29 PM): Eric has made a new post regarding this new update and it seems i missed one package which was added after i made this post. The new package is kde-workspace and it was added because there's a serious bug affecting KDE's performance when more windows are open on the desktop. Eric applied a patch from Martin Graesslin to fix the problem. This bug affects all KDE 4 version back to KDE 4.0, which is considered quite …

KDE 4.7.1 Arrives

A month has passed since KDE 4.7.0 got released, so it's time for a monthly update for KDE 4.7.x branch providing maintenance updates and translations updates for people who have used KDE 4.7.0 releases.

Even though KDE 4.7.1 hasn't yet shipped within Slackware-Current, you can try this packages by downloading them from Eric Hameleer's KTown repository since he already announced it on his blog. He has added a warning for those who wanted to try this packages under Slackware 13.37 or older: use it on your own risk. He didn't test it outside Slackware-Current.

There were some updates in the deps/ directory compared to previous KDE 4.7.0 release and this has been mentioned by Eric as well on the README file.

One interesting package that Eric added was Quanta Plus that came as a plugin for KDevelop package. This will surely brings past memories about Quanta that was shipped under KDE 3 and many people like this tool and they surely miss this package when migrating to KDE 4. I…

Security Update: Firefox, Thunderbird, Seamonkey, Apache

Slackware has released several updated packaged that are considered security update, but no advisory has been released yet (probably in the next few hours). They are Apache, Firefox, Thunderbird, and Seamonkey. The update were released in different version. For example, Slackware 12.2 only received Apache update, while Slackware 13.0 and later received Apache, Firefox (3.6.x branch) and Thunderbird.

Slackware 13.37 users can now be relieved as Pat upgraded Firefox support to 6.0.x branch. Unfortunately, the same situation doesn't happen on Thunderbird. It's still using 3.1.x branch for now.

Slackware-Current received the biggest update with Apache, Firefox (6.0.x branch), Thunderbird (6.0.x branch), Seamonkey, and there's a new upgraded package for OpenSSH 5.9 which has been released few days ago plus one new package in testing/ for Firefox 7 Beta 4.

There's still no sign of major changes happening in -Current, but we know that Pat is up to something and he plans to annou…

New Poll

As September comes, a new poll has been released on SlackBlogs. This time, i wanted to know which email client do most people (especially Slackware users) use for their daily activities. Some of them are text-based email clients and the rest are GUI-based email clients.

Please give your votes and hopefully this poll can be used to determine whether those packages are really still needed in Slackware's default packages or not. If no one is using it, then perhaps it's time to drop it from Slackware since one of those email clients is no longer maintained nor developed by the upstream developers, even though there are some continuation project that arose to make sure it's still being developed and new features are still being delivered for the users.

Can you guess which one?

Poll Results

Two months has passed since the last poll and the result are here:

5uP3r C0o1  32 (59%) Nothing special  13 (24%) I haven't bought it yet  9 (16%) It hasn't arrived yet  0 (0%) Even though the new t-shirt only adds a little cosmetic on the backside, almost 60% of the voters said it was a cool one and they like it very much. I'm hoping for more items in Slackware Store so more people will be attracted to buy more items from it and they can also help the Slackware Project.

LibreOffice 3.4.3 for Slackware

Few days ago LibreOffice 3.4.3 has been released by upstream developers, The Document Foundation to tackle more bugs that was found or long-standing bugs that still are available in the previous 3.4.2 release.

As always, Eric provided a set of LibreOffice packages for Slackware 13.37 and -Current users. Please note that at this release, Eric decided to split the browser plugin into a separate plugin package called libreoffice-mozplugin. This is due to some reports on LQ which stated that a new session of LibreOffice will start when Firefox browser is closed. Personally, i have never experienced this before, but since it may come from several people, Eric decided to split them up.

You know the routine, all LibreOffice packages from Eric can be downloaded from this mirrors:…

ArchLinux vs Slackware

This posting is not meant to start another flame war between these two great Linux distribution. It's just meant to be my personal opinion after trying ArchLinux for several days and compare it with the distribution i have been using for the last six years. I know it's not completely fair to compare few days experience with six years, but i will try to be as fair as possible.

Let's start with the history. Why would i try ArchLinux when i'm already comfortable with Slackware for the last few years? The answer is simple: curiousity. I had a discussion with my friend who lived in the US and he was a Slackware users as well, but migrated to ArchLinux and he said that i would like the disto as well since it's similar with Slackware. He told me lots of things about ArchLinux that i wouldn't find in Slackware. At the end, i promised him that i would someday try ArchLinux, but i didn't say when. That discussion was held in 2009/2010 (i forget the precise moment).