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Migrating Server to Slackware

Few days ago, my campus' system administrator was trying to install FreeBSD (his favorite) on a new server. This server was being planned to be a proxy server. He had a system stuck, even though the installation was a success. So he tried to use other distribution, like OpenBSD, NetBSD, even DragonFlyBSD. All of them had the same result, system freeze after rebooting the system. So he went to try for Linux distribution that was build for servers. He used Centos 5.0 and the installation was a success, but he disliked it, because it has X Window components by default. He is used to manage text-based system and this makes him uncomfortable.

So i asked him, why don't you try Slackware? He agreed to tried Slackware and this morning, i came to campus earlier to install Slackware 12.0 on the server. The server room was very cold, with 2 AC on it. I wiped out the Centos partition and re-create the partition from scratch again. This is my first time playing with servers and SCSI disk. I…

Upgrading Pidgin

If you are using Pidgin, it's suggested that you upgrade to the latest Pidgin version 2.2.2 to fix a problem that could lead to system crash when you receive a messages with invalid HTML code in it. An advisories has been published and a fix is already there (but not yet in -Current nor -Stable), so the best solution you can do for now (besides waiting) is that you grab the SlackBuild for Pidgin applications, change the version and compile it by your own. I have just finished upgrading my Pidgin to 2.2.2 just now.

GIMP Screenshots

At last, i had some time to take a screenshot of the latest GIMP 2.4 on Slackware-Current. I hope this will help reduce your curiousity for some time before 12.1 takes of with 2.4 installed by default.

GIMP 2.4 Looks So Cool

Yesterday, i upgraded my laptop with the latest updates in -Current (i upgrade the packages which has been published between 20 and 24 October updates). I'm planning to upgrade my desktop also in the next few days when i'm done with my work on Windows. One of the most significant updates between those dates were GIMP 2.4.0. It has new looks due to new Tango icons and it's more consistent than before. The upgrade was as easy as issuing an upgradepkg command and it will take care everything for you.

Please note that GIMP will now create a new directory called .gimp-2.4 in your home directory to save all their settings. When you are satisfied with GIMP 2.4, you may delete your .gimp-2.2 directory to save some space. Next, check your Menu entry. You may have to update/delete unneeded menu entry because the new package also creates a new entry for GIMP. Too bad KDE doesn't have a sorting feature on their menu editor (or it was me who didn't see that feature).


Security Update : Firefox and SeaMonkey

PV has released two updates related to Mozilla product: Firefox and SeaMonkey. Please note that this is also included in -Current. Here's the -Stable changelog
Wed Oct 24 22:51:37 CDT 2007
Upgraded to firefox-
This upgrade fixes some more security bugs.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)

Upgraded to seamonkey-1.1.5.
This upgrade fixes some more security bugs.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)

GIMP 2.4 on -Current

Good news for Slackware-Current users. GIMP 2.4 has made through -Current along with updates of librsvg, Firefox and SeaMonkey. That was very quick, since GIMP 2.4 has just been released few hours/days ago. Perhaps it's because PV likes it?? Or perhaps it doesn't bring lots of new package requirements, so PV can just use the old SlackBuild script to compile this version and upload to public. It's very interesting and i would like to try it ASAP

GIMP 2.4 Released

Good news guys... and gals...

GIMP 2.4 has been officially released with tons of new updates. It has new look which will be more consistent even on other platforms. I'm looking forward to have this release on the Slackware-Current tree.

Right now, Slackware-Current is still idle, but i'm assuming PV is working on it and he will release bunch of updates when the time is right to do so (it's based on experience on the past). So stay tunes with the Changelog

Adobe Reader 8.1.1

Adobe has released Adobe Reader 8.1.1 for Windows and Linux. You can grab them from the FTP or browse through Adobe site. For Linux, you can grab it from here.

Adobe Reader 8.1.1 includes a security fixes, so most people are encouraged to upgrade to this version (if you haven't do so)


Slackware Naming Conventions

Up to now, there hasn't been any documentation about Slackware version conventions. Usually PV use .0 for major upgrades and .1 and .2 for updates (meaning no major upgrades). In the past, Slackware perform this naming conventions regularly (8.1, 9.0, 9.1, 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 11.0, and the latest is 12.0). Before PV announced 12.0, many people have discussed about the next version of Slackware. What will it be? 11.1 or 12.0? It's was then 12.0 because it was build on a new toolchain and lots of changes in the packages (mostly became more modular for easy management). Besides that, Slackware 12.0 is the first Slackware release that shipped without kernel 2.4 and have a default 2.6.x kernels. Support for kernel 2.4.x has been dropped, so as for floppy installation.

After 12.0, the next release will be 12.1. Pat has said this (implicitly) by giving a naming scheme on his package (look for it in the Slackware-Current changelog. I'm sure you know what package i'm referring to)…

Slackware-Current on Indonesian Mirror

For those who lives in Indonesia, you can enjoy Slackware-Current from Indonesian mirror (Thanks to Ozzie for taking care of this). It has been updated to sync with updates dated Thu Oct 18 18:19:59 CDT 2007. Hopefully he managed to update the repository periodically.

Upgrading Laptop Also

So, knowing that the upgrade to the -Current is so simple and smoothly, i decided to spent my early morning upgrading my Slackware system to the -Current. As the result, now my desktop and laptop sync the same packages

Yeaaaa.... Slackware is so slick and amazing.....

SlackBlogs on SlackWorld

I just browsed SlackWorld and i found out that my blog (this blog) is already being added there. Thanks to SlackWorld for adding my blog at your page. it's still nothing compared to other blog out there, but i'm trying to give the best for Slackware

Running Slackware Yihaaaaa.....

So i'm too curious to try out Slackware-Current so i just performed an upgrade to Slackware-Current and everything works smoothly, even though i had some problems with glibc-i18n (the package was corrupt, so i had to re-download it again from text-mode using links). Besides that, everything was working as expected (this is one reason i like using Slackware. You can perform an upgrade to the development tree without major problem). The only thing that worries me before i perform an upgrade was about this:
PLEASE NOTE: There are a few known problems with this release.
Please let us know if you have solutions to any of these.
1. xf86-video-vesa was not upgraded for the X.Org 7.3 release, and running Terminal or vte under KDE results in an X hang under KDE, or garbage in the terminal under XFce.Lucky me, my system didn't use vesa driver, so i didn't experience this kind of problem. Other thing mentioned in LinuxQuestions didn't happened in me, so i guess it was a smooth upgra…

Slackware Current

Well.. well.. Slackware Current has started again and as usual , bunch of updates are coming in Slackware-Current tree. Beware.... the file list is HUGE!!!!! Read the CHANGELOG for detailed updates

I'm downloading it now....

KDE 3.5.8 Is Out

Even though KDE 4 is shipping this year, it doesn't mean that KDE developers abandon KDE 3.5.x. They have just released 3.5.8, the latest (and probably the last 3.5.x branch) KDE release to replace the previous version, 3.5.7. Take a look on the Changelog for details of changes.

I'm not sure this will be introduced in Slackware 12.0, since it's not a security fixes (even though some of the packages fixed security problem), but i guess PV will make a patch for this (not entire package, but only related packages).

Chatting on #Slackware

I just installex X-Chat and now i often joined #slackware on freenode just to chat with other Slackware users around the world. It's a nice chat room, but most of the time, it will be very silent until someone comes up and ask for help

You can use BitchX or any other IRC client to join the channel and it's free (don't worry) hehe

Desktop Upgraded

Last night, i left my desktop computer up and running, compiling the latest kernel and this morning, the process has finished (it only took 1 hour, but since it was 12:30 AM, i was too sleepy to wait). So here are the result of my new system:

willysr@desktop:~$ uname -a
Linux desktop 2.6.23 #1 Thu Oct 11 00:41:03 WIT 2007 i686 AMD Athlon(tm) AuthenticAMD GNU/Linux

Slackware Update : glibc-zoneinfo

Slackware has just release an update (not security) for glibc-zoneinfo package. It consist of updates for the daylight saving time in Brazil and New Zealand and also latest timezone data from NIST:
Wed Oct 10 11:50:50 CDT 2007
Upgraded to timezone data from tzcode2007h and tzdata2007h.
This contains the latest timezone data from NIST, including some important changes to daylight savings time in Brasil and New Zealand.

Upgrading to 2.6.23

Since the final kernel 2.6.23 has been released, i'm upgrading my kernel to the latest version. Right now, i'm compiling it on my laptop and in the next few minutes, i will start running 2.6.23

Desktop will follow soon...

Update (17:20 PM) : It seems that the legacy NVidia driver (1.0-9631 and probably other old legacy releases) is having some problem with the latest kernel 2.6.23. I couldn't build the NVidia driver (probably due to changes in the kernel source), so i upgraded using 96.43.01 and it fixed my previous bug which i submitted to NVidia when i logged out from KDE. Thank goodness it is finally fixed (even though in the legacy drivers).

I don't know for sure, but i think 2.6.23 is slower than 2.6.22. I think the boot time increases for a few seconds and it took more time to execute some application. I'm not very sure about this. I need more test on the performance of the new shinny kernel

Btw, i'm uploading my config file just in case someone else need a…

Security Update : Pidgin

Well, it's a bit late for (since i have upgraded to the latest version on my Slack), but who cares. Slackware team has released a single update to -Stable tree. It's Pidgin. Since it can crash your system remotely, it's considered a security problems, thus upgraded package are provided.
Tue Oct 2 22:25:23 CDT 2007
Upgraded to pidgin-2.2.1.
This fixes a crash that can be triggered remotely on MSN in 2.2.0.
For more information, see:
(* Security fix *)

More and More

Even though Slackware still uses the old ncurses-based installer and traditional approach of a Linux distribution, more and more Slackware-based Linux distribution comes up. The latest news is that Puppy Linux 3.00 has been released. This version is based on Slackware 12.0. Another distribution is NimbleX, which comes up with a LiveCD edition. Don't forget about ZenWalk and SLAX. It has good community as well.

It's just a statement that Slackware is still being used and trusted by it's users. In LinuxQuestions forum, Slackware forum is one of the most active categories and many people come to that forum. It's considered the biggest community site of Slackware.

Another Slackware Review

This time, it comes from LXer. It tried to compare Slackware and Ubuntu. I know it's kindda subjective, but it's a public review and not everyone will be pleased by the result (at least i do). Check them out

Nasty Bug on Liferea

Lars have released Liferea 1.4.4 and state this release as a stable version, thus removing the 1.2.x version. Meanwhile, 1.4.5 is on the process of cooking right now and it will be out shortly (hopefully). This version also fixed nasty bug that appeared on 1.4.2b (and probably 1.4.2c) which could cause data loss. It's recommended that you upgrade to the latest version, 1.4.4 (for now). Check Liferea Blog for more detail information.

New Poll

A new round of the poll has been started (just now). The questions is : "What's The Most Problematic Hardware?" I wanted to find out which hardware tends to bring problems when they are configured in Slackware (or in other distribution as well). Please use your vote and choose the suitable answer for you (you can select multiple answers if you like). The vote will be closed at the end of this year (you have about 3 months).

Have a nice day

Results Of The Poll

Well, the polling has been closed and here are the results:

Slackware 10 : 8 (4%)

Slackware 10.1 : 13 (8%)

Slackware 10.2 : 23 (14%)

Slackware 11.0 : 42 (25%)

Slackware 12.0 : 123 (75%)

Total voters: 162

It has been dominated by Slackware 12 (as i predicted).

Time for another poll then ....

Upgrading Pidgin and WxWidgets

It's been a few days without any updates on my Slackware system, so finally i decided to upgrade my Pidgin to 2.2.1 (just released yesterday) and also my WxWidgets to 2.8.6. It's compiling now......

Pidgin comes with a security fix. When you are logged in as MSN user and an unknown remote MSN users sends you a nudge, it will crash your system. Check the security advisories for more information. Along with this fix, several other fixes are coming in. The 2.3 version is already started, so the next release will be 2.3 if no more security problem arises on 2.2.x version.